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"Your Success is our Business."

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The business world changes constantly therefore, for companies to remain competitive, they have to be more determined and driven than ever. This means business owners, Directors, Supervisors and Executives require the best qualified and educated persons to STAND for their companies. Strong willed, professionals who can identify and create organizational change is never an easy hiring process and that's where our team of expert Instructors comes in. Because of their educational backgrounds and employment experiences in the industry for which they teach, were are assisting America's workforce and employers back on the right track. This type of classroom commitment assists small and major corporations to financial strength and peace of mind because their staff has completed a quality education. Now you can sit down and enjoy and fresh cup of coffee and know that today is your time to shine.

Our philosophy
Each student (and personalized skill-set) is unique. A typical "student identification number" approach will never assist your learning path as a successful student, as he or she is seen only as a number. At SMB "your success is our business", we care about you as a person. Our classroom sizes are structured to allow a student teacher ratio of eighteen students to one Instructor or thirty students to two Instructors in effort to assist our students in reaching their full potential.

Our commitment to results
When we work with you and become your business partner. Our success is measured by the success of your completed and successful education to your productivity in the workforce. That's why we invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep you on the right educational journey.

Our experience
We know the challenges students and businesses face today. Our Administrators, Instructors and staff have been students and have worked in difficult economic positions with many companies, thus due to such experiences this has allowed them to bring real life experiences to the classroom to enlighten the subject. This further allows the students more information on the importance of great study habits and attention to details. 

What profession are you seeking? Choose wisely! The sky is the limit!

Upon graduation, many options await your way to business success!

The better your study habits the more successful you can be.

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"Your Success is our Business"
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