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Our bilingual Admissions Officers our client/students with the initial admissions process. Having professional careers in the areas of professional classes we offer, they are the go to persons for client/student assistance in academic development/counseling in career choices. Our appointment schedule is offered during the work week and weekends by appointment only.

Office Administration.

Our Office Administrators focus on assuring the operations are sound and productive. Our student success stories are important to the operations of the business. We are happy to make appointments to tour, enroll and registers interested students by appointment only. Remember your success is our business!


Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, that lead to your successful career goals, one student at a time. "Your success is our business."


Since we opened our doors in 2002, we have been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working with the student’s intern and externship sites and follow up meetings with our students/Instructors at the end of every term. This provides for the most efficient learning. Because we want the learning environment to be comfortable for both our students and Instructors, we have a student Instructor ratio of 1 to 10. Yes! One Instructor to every ten students. The classroom setting is always comfortable and makes the learning environment better comfortable.

Welcome to the Beginning of your Success!

Exam License Preparation

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"Your Success is our business"

Education is Power

Education is one of the most necessary tools you will need in this life to succeed. Our goal is to assure that you gain the education necessary to benefit you meeting your short and long term goals.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors understand the importance of a quality education. They are professionals in the areas they teach, welcoming, bilingual and have an open door policy.